It’s finally time 
Get your capes ready people
When he smiles everybody smiles.
Week 1
Q: Hi there! I love your art, you have a really cute style!!! I notice you draw all the characters pretty skinny, I would be interested to see how some of them look with some pudge? Maybe a pudgy Kai? :3 Or someone big and buff like Rick! (Sorry if you don't take requests, if that's the case feel free to ignore this!!)

Hey ; u ; )/ thanks ~ I have noticed I draw them characters very skinny though it’s not really on purpose, my hands just like to make stick figures apparently /cry - I’ve tried drawing people with a bigger build like Sergei or Gao or Rick but somehow the more volume I try to add the weirder it looks orz;
I do want to try drawing bulky big boys sometime tho ; v ; )a ;;;

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Q: Poppy: AAAH!!! Not really datinggg errrr >u<\\\ but my partner's real specialll >u<9 YEAAAAAA uguu guugugu I will have law school soon huhuhu scaredddd. OH SHAKS, I SHOULD KEEP EM WELL THEN > : TTTTT DUN BURN THEMM WRYYYYY

Eeeehhh I was going to run behind you throwing rose petals why q n q /puts basket away
I shall burn it all , embarrassing doodles are embarrassing /weeps

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Sample for the September set.
Q: uni, some tea and trying to keep up with class TwT thanks for asking

I see ; v ; /pats you
Uni can be so stressful /weep/ good luck though, hopefully all goes well q v q )/

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Q: how are you? how's your days?

I’m fine, the days been busy q v q lots of work to do
How about you :3 ?

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Q: Poppy: trust me, I have been wanting to post a new journal and new arts on dA ;n;\ But I'm busy with irl commissions and with my cosplays and with my social life (I met someone LELEL) soooo ;~;\\\ BUT AS TIME GOES ON, THE MORE I FEEL IT'S MANDATORY TO AT LEAST POST A JOURNAL IN dA ajfkdlsjflksafj HUHUHU BAIROOOOO~ ;a;/// I miss biting your doodles u.u And and--- I also keep yer super secret hidden sketches of Beyfantasy sadklfjsdlkdf

ehehehehe e v e dating Poppy /gets hit
Uwaaaah ; A ; )/ I know you’ve been so busy, we all miss you q n q this fandom needs you /weeps - tho hopefully things irl get all sorted out and you can find some free time. I talk like I’m here all the time but I’m not >_>;;; I vanished for half of the year because 3jobslololol and shi- keeps breaking down and I have to pay for it /cry , but I do miss drawing and posting things and throwing Rei’s butt to the Internet. Keep those sekrit doodles safe tho, I might just burn all my old sketchbooks out of shame and those will be the only copies that remain /shot .
/huggles you q A q );;;

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